Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Warwick Bass Guitar Strings

At Strings Direct we stock a variety of strings from a variety of household names. One of our top sellers, Warwick, specialise in a variety of electric and acoustic bass strings, which are sold in arrangements not commonly seen elsewhere.  

Warwick is a brand steeped in history dating back to 1946, who have maintained their aim to achieve high standards in all their products. They manufacture an extensive range of different models of bass guitars with different woods and electronics, although MEC is standard for the majority of Warwick basses. The original series, that are produced in Germany, include various models, such as, Corvette, Streamer, Thumb, and Dolphin Pro I, just to name a few of their most popular lines.

At Strings Direct we stock the following electric and acoustic strings:

Warwick Electric Bass Strings

Warwick Red Label Strings - Stainless steel and nickel roundwounds.

Warwick Yellow Label Strings - Nickel plated, hand wound roundwounds, made in the US.

Warwick Black Label Strings - Hand wound, stainless steel roundwounds, made in the US.

Warwick EMP Strings - Featuring the enhanced molecular protection coating, made in the US.

Warwick Acoustic Bass Strings

Warwick Red Label Bronze Acoustic Strings - For medium-scale basses.

Warwick Black Label Acoustic Strings - Phosphor/Bronze which come in both medium scale and long scale.

Warwick Triumph Bass Strings - Specially designed for their electric-upright triumph bass. They are handmade nickel plated flatwound strings.

What do you think about Warwick strings?

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