Thursday, 5 December 2013

Would you like to be able to play your guitar as if it were a keyboard?

There are many different guitar add-ons of varying quality and usefulness, each claims to add another dimension to the guitar playing experience and often many do not deliver. The Hammer Jammer however, may just be one that does deliver on its potential.

It's an interesting concept in that it allows you to add a percussive element to you guitar and almost play it as if it were a keyboard. This claim is that this could act as a source of inspiration for both acoustic and electric guitar players, allowing you to innovate playing styles and techniques.

Check out the demo video above and don't forget to let us know what you think. Would this device be useful for you or do you think its a waste of time? Or has anyone actually used it and what were the results?

I believe the video is a interesting demonstration of how useful this device could be in your performances, not only for providing inspiration for composing, but also for adding textural layers when recording. It comes cheap at around £20 too and fits on any guitar without modification!

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