Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Movie stars who play guitar

Most of these guys fit the Hollywood remit of being blessed with good looks, the recipients of unconditional adoration from fans and groupies and of course are minted. This gives them the time and money to indulge in their passion for playing the guitar. Yes life is unfair, get over it.

So who is making music on the side?

Ryan Gosling
As well as lead roles in the movies, American actor Ryan Gosling is the front man and co-founder of the band Dead Man’s Bones. Comfortable up front and brandishing his instrument of choice, he makes the perfect guitar hero. And ladies he likes a love song too, but we should stress they are written for ghosts and monsters. Well there is no such thing as Mr Right.

Robert Pattinson
He may have looked a little off colour in the Twilight movie series, but Robert Pattinson looks just peachy with guitar in hand. He can also turn his hand or vocal chords to singing as well. Yeah rub it in mate.

Hugh Laurie
Stephen Fry’s former comedy sidekick, Hugh Laurie spent eight years perfecting his American accent whilst claiming the lead role in the medical TV drama House on the Fox Network. But he has always kept his toe in the musical waters. This is more apparent now with his new venture Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band. Favouring The Blues he demonstrates his talent for the piano, but in his youth he was no stranger to the guitar.

Kevin Bacon
The star of the original Footloose movie (1984), Kevin Bacon hams it up (sorry) on guitar along with his brother in their band The Bacon Brothers.

Cory Monteith
Aka Finn from Glee is a no-brainer regards musicality as his character plays the drums. Out of character he too feels at home behind his drum kit in band Bonnie Dune. Okay it’s not the guitar, but we thought you’d like to be kept in the loop regardless.

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