Monday, 15 July 2013

Music themed hotel rooms fit for rock stars

We can’t help feeling that with all of this sunshine you need to put down your guitar, take a breather and leave your den, studio or bedroom. After all it’s hard work dedicating every waking hour to music. So once your eyes have adjusted to the daylight, why not book yourself into one of these brilliantly music themed hotels?

Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton for multiple themed rooms including the Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant Suite, Dolly Parton's Dollywould Suite and Motown’s Soul Supreme Suite.

Backstage Hotel in Amsterdam for various monochrome rock themed rooms.

Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee complete with heart shaped pool for your hit of Elvis.

Cumberland Hotel in London for the psychedelic Jimi Hendrix Suite.

Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool for either The Lennon or The McCartney Suite in homage to The Beatles.

Madonna Inn in California for the Queen of Pops’ Madonna Suite.

Now we know it will be tempting to behave like a rock star whilst ‘on tour’, but don’t forget the following:

  • Unless you have a management team, you will be responsible for picking up the bar tab. That includes paying through the nose for room service at 2am and emptying the mini bar on a daily basis
  • It’s really passĂ© to trash hotel rooms these days. Also giant flat screen TVs are a lot harder to prise off the wall than their predecessors. And then there’s the bill for damage and replacement of fixture and fittings
  • Do not imagine for one minute that your neighbours are going to tolerate all night parties in your room. Or that ‘groupies’ are going to buy your rock star persona unless you have a cool entourage in tow

Other than that, have a great time.

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